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Kotido elders turn up for Peace Dialogue.


Elders discussing issues in Abim at their meeting 
By Calvin Loyas Ochen
The Kotido Elders Council finally decided to attend this year’s Karamoja Cultural event which is ongoing in Abim district.
The Karamoja cultural festival started on Aug 30th and is still run up to September 3rd, 2022 under the theme, “Security in Karamoja, the role of culture and traditional mechanisms in steering a peaceful Karamoja.”
Earlier on in the week, through their secretary John Bosco Akore, Kotido Elders had opted to boycott the event citing issues like the region is suffering and should organise celebrations at a time like this.
He also claimed that the event is organised for majorly the youth who go to drink, fornicate and do adulterous things in the name of the culture.
However, Akore upon appearing at the event with in Abim other elders from Kotido, said that they were invited by International partner, World Food Program (WFP) to attend the event and to participate in the peace dialogue meeting which schedule for was held today, Friday 02nd September,2022.
According to him, all elders were invited to attend the dialogue meeting so that they go back and spread gospel of peace not just for the sake of enjoyment of the event as he had earlier anticipated.
Okengo  Denis the world food program facilitator, said that they have thought of bringing  elders from different district within Karamoja region to come together and discuss peace issues that affecting the region but not only to enjoy the gala when people are dying of starvation.
Ochieng Jimmy, an elder and team leader from Abim Elders Association, says that there are a host of elders from different district around the region from which he expected positive dialogue to end conflicts.
Jimmy said that this togetherness activities has brought all Karamojong elders which is full of security engagement discussion.
”It’s finally has brought us elders together to brainstorm on how best we can handle the crisis of insecurity and hunger in the region” Apalode Digiri one of the elders from Napak said.
This is an annual event conducted on a rotational basis across the nine districts of Karamoja and next year it will be hosted by Napak District.

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